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Use casesWhat can you do with Filemove?

Store movies on Google Drive

With many movies, clips or whatever you are creating, it's good idea to organize them by creation time. Filemove can do it for you on autopilot.

Powerful features to help you gain control of your Google Drive

Move, copy, rename files automatically

Keep files where their place is and name them as they should be named. Just set up actions and dont worry about it, filemove will take care of it.

Pick files based on 5 properties and many operators

Use advanced rules builder to choose files as precisely as possible. You can use simple properties like name of a file or you can use combinations of different properties.

Choose folders to organize and make actions on

Organize whole Google Drive or create actions just for single folder.

Test what files will be affected before any action

Not sure if the rules you have created will pick specific files? You can preview files that will be affected with your rules.

Organize Drive every 30 minutes, hour or day

You can organize you folder once or you can setup a bot. It will fire actions you have created at any time you want, as many times as you want.

Don't worry about losing your files

We are very careful with your files and we think you should be too. That is why filemove do not perform any delete operations.

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