How to move invoices into one folder automatically?

Let's say you want to have all invoices in one folder, not all over your Google Drive. This is how you should set it up:

  1. Create folder for invoices in right place in your Google Drive. In my case it is in "Accounting" folder.
  2. Sign up to Filemove and create the new rule.
  3. Add name, it should describe what your rule do. I this case "move invoices to invoices folder".
  4. Leave "Main Google Drive" in "rule will apply to" section and check the "Let rule go into subfolders" checkbox.
  5. In my case, my invoices are always named inv or invoice and are always pdfs. So my rules should look like this:
  6. Add action "move to folder" and select the folder you created in 1st point
  7. Save & run the rule you have created.

This rule will run every hour and it will check if there is any invoice on your google drive and will move it to invoices folder.

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