How to organize photos on Google Drive?

Do you already have a lot of photos at different folders on your Google Drive? You don't know how to handle them? I will show you how you can organize your pictures with Filemove. I will also explain, how Filemove will keep your Drive clean regardless how many new photos you will have on your Google Drive.

One of the methods to organize photos is to put them in different folders called by the photo creation date.

Let's begin.

  1. Create a folder "Photos" with subfolders "2020", "2019", etc. on your Google Drive.
  2. Sign up to Filemove and create the new rule.
  3. Call the rule (e.g., "Photos 2020") and choose the folder where Filemove should look for photos (in this example, we choose the whole Google Drive with subfolders).
  4. Choose the conditions which file should meet. We want to find photos from 2020, so the file extension has to be .jpg or .jpeg, and the creation date has to be after 01/01/2020 and before 01/01/2021.
  5. Now we need to decide what we want to do with matched files. We want to move them to folder “Photos/2020”.
  6. You can save the rule and repeat steps 3-6 for different years (2019, 2018, etc.).

That's all. Filemove will organize your photos from now. Rules run every hour, so even new photos will be placed in the correct place.

Use casesWhat can you do with Filemove?

Store movies on Google Drive

With many movies, clips or whatever you are creating, it's good idea to organize them by creation time. Filemove can do it for you on autopilot.

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